How to Play safe with Your Credit Card Online

Today, the internet has become a medium through which many people purchase things. A lot of transactions are carried out on daily basis through the internet. One of the widely used methods of payment for online transactions of various kinds is credit card. Many online businesses accept it as a means of payment. Schools, hospitals, government agencies and other organizations also receive and make payment with credit cards. Unfortunately, it is not a risk-free means of payment despite its numerous benefits. Many people have become victims of identity theft, phishing, visiting and other methods used by credit card criminals. So, if you are making payment with your credit card through the internet, it is of crucial importance that you play safe. Here are some tips to apply to enable you use your plastic card safely through the internet.

Avoid public computers

If you don’t want to be a victim of credit card fraud, I will advise you to avoid making purchases with a public computer or a computer that you don’t know the owner or you have no trust in the owner. There are a lot of programs or apps that can capture and save data inputed in a computer. Besides, a public computer may have malware that keep records of credit card details. You don’t actually know what programs are running in a computer that you are using and you may not have the freedom and time to check it. This is why it is of crucial importance that you don’t use any computer that you have no sole right of usage to when you are making a purchase. If you prefer making shopping through the internet, try and get your computer or a good mobile device for that.

Install firewall and reliable security software in your computer

Even if you are using only your computer to make purchases, it is also advisable that you fortify it against different kinds of viruses and malware which credit card criminal use in obtaining the credit card details of online shoppers. Make sure that your security software is regularly updated because these threats are renewed and released on regular basis.

Shop in only reliable website

There are many fraudulent and fake websites created by fraudsters as a means of duping their unsuspecting shoppers. So, before you make use of any website, make sure that it is reliable and real. If you are not sure, first take time to research about the website from different sources. From the information you obtain, you can now decide whether to go ahead with your purchases or not.

Take extra online security measures

Before you pay for anything with your card, first sign up to ‘Verified by MasterCard or Visa Securecode’ as extra security measures and do a BIN search.

Always pay through a secure payment page. Check the website address to ascertain whether it begins with https://. The s at the end stands for secure. It is also advisable that you pay only through pages with padlock symbol normally shown at the payment page’s bottom right corner.